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Welcome to The Girl Who Writes Like a Man
  • Reflections on First Love, Masculinity, Feminism and In-Betweens
    Three mornings ago, I was reading Sydney Sheldon’s The Other Side of Midnight and memories of my first boyfriend crept into my thoughts. I have had the book for yearssssss, but am only now getting around to reading it, just like I am only now getting around to publishing this article I had written three […]
  • The World of Work Has Changed, But Our Parents Don’t Know
    Greetings, friends.Long time, no see? Mgbe onye jị teta bụ ụtụtụ ya. When one wakes is their morning. There’s an explanation for my hiatus which I’d rather keep to myself, but I’m back parararararara! I am so back that there’s a lineup of blogs in my drafts that I have yet to share only because […]
  • Baileys in a Bottle – Baileys in a Sachet
    Sometime in November last year, news broke out that a premium Irish cream liqueur brand – Baileys, had taken to selling their products in sachets to Nigerian consumers. The development implicated Nigeria’s dwindling economy which led a couple people to weigh in on the economic state of the country. Oloruntade begins the article titled The […]
  • On Choosing Knowledge Over Happiness
    My brother let out a short, convulsive laugh when I asked him this question, then said, “Happiness.” He did not contemplate it, and perhaps, was even laughing at the absurdity. My father was even more convinced. “Happiness,” he said. Then with a snigger, “Why would I ever choose knowledge over happiness?” A movie I saw […]
    One early morning during my NYSC in Uyo Nigeria, I was walking to the junction where I’d take a bus to my PPA, when I saw three women in their mid and late twenties kneeling in full public glare on the rocky path. I immediately deduced that they were apprentices in the tailoring shop in […]